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Our agency was established in 1967 by Bob Purkey and purchased in 1998 by Tom O'Malley. Over the years, our company has grown into a full service insurance agency with state-of-the-art computers for record keeping and instant rate comparisons some of the nation's finest insurance companies.


We periodically review your insurance program to make sure you're still getting the best deal.


- To reduce gaps in coverage

- To analyze your insurance requirements

   from a risk management perspective

- To reduce your insurance costs through risk

  elimination, risk reduction, risk transfer,

  and risk assumption

Our aims:

With our services, you can expect a complete analysis of your insurance needs. Using one of a select group of financially sound, reputable insurance companies, we'll help design a tailor-made protection program with the best services to suit your situation.  

Finding you the best coverage

Our competitively priced proposals save you money, and we always move quickly to get you a fair and prompt settlement of your claims.

Competitive prices

What to expect from the Bob Purkey Agency